Why do patients choose our clinics?

A wide range of services. The medical center operates in the format of a universal family clinic. The scope of our activities includes all types of medical care: diagnosis, treatment, recovery and prevention.

Professionalism and extensive experience. Patients are admitted by qualified doctors, who have extensive practice and extensive knowledge in their field. The staff of medical centers employs doctors of the highest category, 40 candidates of medical sciences, 4 doctors of medical sciences and 2 professors.

Modern equipment. Due to the good equipment of the clinic, we offer patients different types of studies: CT, MRI, X-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy, functional diagnostics, laboratory tests. In the offices of specialists there is the necessary equipment that allows you to make a diagnosis already at the time of admission.

High level of service.

We try to make visiting a medical center comfortable for each patient. Branches work on a convenient schedule, we do not have queues. Clinic staff - polite and delicate staff. Medical Services "SM Clinic"

Surgical assistance

Doctors perform a wide range of operations of varying degrees of complexity. These are outpatient, inpatient interventions, which are carried out both in a planned and emergency mode. The surgery center includes several modern operating rooms, a resuscitation and intensive care unit, as well as a surgical hospital where the patient is under the constant supervision of doctors and nurses.

24-hour hospital.

The clinic has two therapeutic hospitals - one for children and one for adults. These are single and double chambers in which all conditions for a comfortable stay are created: comfortable functional beds, a separate bathroom, TV, air conditioning, three meals a day are organized. In children's wards there is a sleeping place for parents, which allows you to constantly be with your child.

Day hospital In the day hospital you can get full outpatient care at any convenient time. The treatment package includes droppers, inhalations, laser therapy, ozone therapy, etc.


A large laboratory complex has been created in the New Orlean branch of the holding, whose employees quickly and accurately perform a wide range of studies. The laboratory equipment meets the highest requirements. High-precision equipment allows for automatic research. Laboratory staff are experienced specialists, including doctors and laboratory assistants of the highest category, candidates of medical sciences.

Medical assistance at home.

The medical center has a home doctor call service. Therapists and specialists go to patients in any district of the city. Fence tests, staging droppers, diagnostics (ultrasound, ECG) - these nurse procedures are also carried out at home.

Children's Medical Center

The clinic hosts pediatricians and specialized pediatric specialists - cardiologists, gynecologists, urologists, gastroenterologists, etc. Safe and modern methods are used to treat small patients. Doctors conduct routine examinations, diagnostic examinations and carefully monitor the vaccination schedule.